The Cradle of Wine: Republic of Georgia


The Cradle of Wine: Republic of Georgia

Friday7:00 pm
LocationHilton Harrisburg
Event TypeFormal (Speaker)
SpeakerLaurent Guinand, Ph.D.
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8/15/2011by Lee Cichanowicz

Former Soviet Georgia, the oldest wine producing region of the world, is located at the very same latitude as Southern France and Central Italy—the latitude that hosts many of the world’s finest vineyards. Georgia has the best terroir you’ve likely never heard of.

Authentic Georgian mini-appetizers
  • Ispanakhi
    (spinach with walnut)
  • Badrijani nigvzit
    (eggplant with walnut)
  • Nadughi
    (ricotta cheese with mint)
  • Kachapuri
    (bread filled with cheese)
All four are included in the event price.

We are elated to offer you world-class wines, a world-class wine speaker, and several delicious authentic-Georgian mini-appetizers! Georgian wine expert Laurent Guinand, Ph.D., president of GiraMondo Wine Adventures, will present 10 fine Georgian wines to the PWS. He is an accomplished professional wine speaker, wine educator, wine writer, and wine economist. He is truly a Georgian wine expert. Laurent represents the U.S. as a judge at the national Georgian wine competition that takes place every two years in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital city. He has tasted over 350 Georgian wines! His knowledge, passion, charisma, and French accent are sure to delight.

You’ve likely never heard of any particular Georgian wine, much less tried one. Well, Laurent will present a sparkling pre-pour, 4 whites, and 5 reds—with 5 IWC medalists among them! The wines range from semi-sweet to dry, and include wonderful centuries-old Vitis vinifera grape varietals you’ve also likely never heard of: Saperavi, Mtsvane, and Rkatsiteli. They come from prominent Georgian appellations such as Tsinandali, Mukuzani, and Kindzmarauli.

Most of the wines presented are produced in traditional European methods, but at least one follows 8,000-year-old Georgian traditions: pressed and stored in sealed, beeswax-lined earthenware amphorae, called qvevri or kvevri, buried up to their necks in soil and fermented by the wild yeast clinging to the grapes. These wild-tasting wines possess dimensions you’re simply unaccustomed to but will quickly fall in love with!

Three of the wines to be presented were made possible by the generous donation of Chateau Mukhrani as they are entering the U.S. market. We thank them kindly.

Please join us at 7 PM on Friday, November 11th at the Hilton Harrisburg for this rare opportunity. Seats are limited and our speaker will draw a wide audience so register early!

9/15/2011by Lee Cichanowicz

The wines from the former Soviet Georgia are quite good, affordable, and interesting. We know that they are unfamiliar even to most wine aficionados and a bit different from most popular wines. For these reasons, it is crucial that we have an exceptionally qualified speaker to select the wines and guide us through tasting them. We are fortunate to have just such a speaker for this event: Laurent Guinand, Ph.D., of GiraMondo Wine Adventures. Laurent hails from Lyon, France—the French food capital tucked between the Burgundy and Northern Rhone wine regions. He knows wine and has a very discriminating palate; however, that is not enough. We need a bona fide Georgian wine expert and an experienced wine educator.

Well, Laurent delivers on both! He represents the U.S.A. as a judge at the national Georgian wine competition that takes place every two years in Tbilisi, the Georgian capital city. He has tasted over 350 Georgian wines. As a professional wine educator, Laurent has developed innovative tools to enhance the wine tasting experience. Laurent is an experienced wine speaker with recent presentations for the Smithsonian, the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show, as well as trade conferences such as Winevolution in Paris. Laurent is also a visiting lecturer at the Bordeaux International Wine Institute (Bordeaux, France) and he is a member of the Society of Wine Educators.

Good wines that are a bit unusual, authentic Georgian mini-appetizers, plus an exceptional speaker should make for a wonderful wine adventure. Please join us at 7 PM (prepour at 6:45 PM) on Friday, November 11th at the Hilton Harrisburg for this rare opportunity to taste a sparkling, four white, and five red fine Georgian wines ranging from semi-sweet to dry. Seats are limited so register early! Visit the PWS Web site for more information.

10/19/2011by Lee Cichanowicz

A great PWS wine event requires even more than wines that are both excellent and interesting, presented by an outstanding speaker. A great event needs more than just a theme; the wine must have a really good story behind it. Well, I’ve learned a lot about the Republic of Georgia, and her wines, due to this event: the wine story of the Republic of Georgia is a fantastic one! Laurent Guinand, Ph.D., a professional wine speaker, educator, and writer, is our outstanding speaker, and with his vast knowledge of—and experience with—Georgian wines he has selected wines that are excellent and interesting. Add some authentic Georgian mini-appetizers as a bonus. The only remaining component of a great PWS event for November is you!

Please join us Friday, November 11, 2011 at 7 p.m.(Come early for the pre-pour!), at the Hilton Harrisburg when Laurent Guinand, Ph.D., president of GiraMondo Wine Adventures, presents:



  • 2009 Chateau Mukhrani Goruli Mtsvane Color slight green to bright straw. Bouquet rich with white and yellow plum fruits blended with citrus. Palate of intensive soft fruity front with live & refreshing acidity. Modest, but intriguing mid palate. Excellently expressed vinosity, common to Georgian wines, brings all the characteristics to their maximum. (12% ABV)
  • 2009 Chateau Mukhrani Rkatsiteli Color of average straw with green tinge. Bouquet of golden plums and white mulberry elegantly blended with backing tropical overtones. Lively fresh taste, impressive mulberry and citrus fruit with refreshing acidity. Soft and plentiful body. Excellently expressed vinosity. (12% ABV)
  • 2006 Dr. Konstantin Frank Rkatsiteli One of the oldest vinifera grape varieties known to man, Rkatsiteli is an elegant dry wine which presents a bouquet of fresh flowers and herbs balanced with wonderful fruit and crisp acidity. The '06 vintage shows characteristic fruity complexity, resulting from early bottling. Along with the intense fruit are the typical spicy notes as well as pineapple and mango. The wine is presented in a dry version with crisp acidity, light residual sugar and tremendous fruit. The Rkatsiteli remains one of Dr. Frank’s greatest achievements in the Finger Lakes. Serve with strong flavored foods, such as, Thai, Indian and Cajun.
  • 2007 Teliani Valley Tsinandali Appellation controlled white dry wine “Tsinandali” Is made from Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grape varieties grown in the Tsinandali specific viticulture district of Kakheti. The wine has a pale-straw color, a fine bouquet and a mild exquisite taste. (12.5% ABV)
  • 2009 Pheasant's Tears Rkatsiteli (unfiltered qvevri wine) This white is golden amber in the glass with a nose of honey, but dry and unexpectedly full-bodied in the mouth with notes of walnut and apricot. Rkatsiteli will stand up well with roasted chicken or more exotic fowl like duck or quail, but won’t overpower lighter fare. (12.5% ABV)


  • 2007 Château Mukrhani Saperavi Color opulent ruby. Bouquet of black mulberry, blackberry and cherry. Palate echoed with soft oak. Exuberant, yet velvety tannins well balanced with the entire structure. Wine has excellently expressed vinosity. (12.5% ABV)
  • 2005 Nata Vachndaze Saperavi This beautiful dry red wine is dark ruby in color with a bouquet of cherry, blackberry and plum. It is clean, fresh and complex with a long finish. (12% ABV)
  • 2008 Pheasant's Tears Saperavi (unfiltered qvevri wine) This popular red is so dark in color it’s called black in Georgian, and it varies greatly according to the terroir in which it’s grown. Our estate Saperavi is a bold, earthy, dry red with flavors of black currant and toasted almond with an elegant, natural tannin structure. (12.5% ABV)
  • 2006 Teliani Valley Mukuzani Appellation controlled red dry wine “Mukuzani ”is made from the Saperavi grape variety grown in Mukuzani specific viticulture district of Kakheti. This outstanding wine is aged in oak barrels for twelve month. It has a dark-ruby color and is characterized by a gentle bouquet and a smooth aroma. (13% ABV)
  • 2007 Eniseli Kindzmarauli A high-quality, naturally semi-sweet wine; Harvested in the village Eniseli, Kindzmarauli (appellation of controlled origin) micro-zone, Kakheti region of Georgia. This dark red wine offers extremely complex and rich bouquet of cherry, blackberry and prune. Recommended with fruits and dessert. (12.5% ABV)

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