PA Wine Excellence XII


PA Wine Excellence XII

Sunday2:00 pm
LocationHilton Harrisburg
Event TypeFormal (Speaker)
Cost per person

10/16/2013by Averill Shepps

It is that time of year again. Coming in January is the 12th annual Pennsylvania Wine Excellence tasting where we will present to you the top wines that were entered into our competition for the best Pennsylvania wines made from vinifera and Chambourcin grapes. We are preparing now for the judging to be held in November: Invitations have gone out to the wineries; Gary Pavlis, our long time advisor on the judging, will be attending and helping us with the process as he has done every year. By the time I write this next month we will know who scored the highest. However, we keep the secret well and wait to announce the big winner to all who attend the January event. Last year we honored both the top-scoring white and the top red, and we intend to do so again.

What you will get out of attending the event is opportunity to taste the top 10 wines as well as the chance to hear comments from the winemakers who are there. They are always interesting and informative as they describe the conditions in the vineyard and the efforts in the winery. We also have small samples of the honorable mention wines for you to try. It is a unique opportunity for those who like to drink locally to find out which wines they prefer. Come and support the Pennsylvania Wine Industry by attending the tasting which will be held on the afternoon of Sunday January 26th starting at 2 PM at the Harrisburg Hilton, One North 2nd Street right in downtown Harrisburg.

11/11/2013by Averill Shepps

This is your opportunity to check up on how the Pennsylvania Wineries are faring. Does as a sample of the wines show that your favorite local winery improving? Has the winemaker dealt well with changing weather conditions? I think this tasting is one of the most interesting we do each January because of the overview it affords the attendee of how the wines are getting better year after year. When we first held the event 12 years ago, we wondered if we could even get our members and friends to come to it .Pennsylvania wines did not have a great reputation, and our members were used to trying fine wines from all over the world. However, there were enough people who came to that first event, most certainly out of curiosity or possibly because the price was low so that it wasn’t much of a risk.

We were encouraged by the reaction of the wineries who loved what we were doing, namely giving them recognition for their better wines. They attended to support our efforts, and we in turn gave the winemakers an opportunity to talk about their wines and how they had made them. Each year since then we have been gratified for the support of our members as well as enlightened by the winemakers’ comments. Meanwhile, we have seen the wines improve each year so that the growth of the skills of those who grow the grapes, harvest them and most importantly, make the wines is exciting to experience. You can be part of our efforts by attending the tasting onSunday afternoon, January 26th (my birthday), at 2 PM at the Harrisburg Hilton. Come and find out for yourself how well the wineries in our state are doing.

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