PA Wine Excellence XI


PA Wine Excellence XI

Sunday2:00 pm
LocationHilton Harrisburg
Event TypeFormal (Speaker)
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10/01/2012by Averill Shepps

It is coming up to that time of year again. For the Board it means that we look forward to judging the Pennsylvania wines that are entered for our annual recognition tasting and awards ceremony. For you it means marking your calendars now with the date of that tasting – Sunday afternoon, January 20th, 2013 at 2 PM at the Harrisburg Hilton. We always enjoy showing off the best of Pennsylvania and have experienced firsthand the improvement in their quality.

If you are new to PWS, let me explain the judging system. The wineries send us as many wines as they wish for judging, but the grapes must be vinefera or chambourcin. The Board meets in November along with a qualified guest or two, and the judgings have always been led by Dr.Gary Pavlis of Rutgers University who is a well respected and very knowledgeable wine judge. We use a point system to evaluate aspects of each wine, giving us a numerical score for each. Judges work separately and judge without knowing the origin of the wine they taste. The top scoring wines are presented at our January event. The winery that produced top scoring wine is given a special award plaque to hang in the tasting room for a year.

We invite the winemakers to that January tasting so that they can explain conditions in the vineyard that result in high quality grapes as well as techniques used during the winemaking process to bring out the best in the fruit. We get first-hand knowledge from those who grow the grapes and make the wines which adds to the appreciation of the end results. Come, learn and enjoy Pennsylvania’s best!

11/01/2012by Averill Shepps

We have been judging Pennsylvania wines for 10 years now, and each year it gets more exciting to taste the entrants. Back when we stated, I recall Mark Chien, Wine Grape expert for the PA Extension Service, telling us of his experience of working in Oregon during the early years of their now world renowned wine industry. He told us that we in Pennsylvania were starting where they did and that our wines would be improving in quality each year. I was astounded to hear him suggest that they could be as good as Oregon if we kept at it long enough. Now I can understand what he meant and can see that it is possible, at least for the very best wineries and most experienced winemakers. And these, of course, are what we will be judging and what you will be sampling at our PA Wine Excellence 11 tasting on Sunday, January 20th at 2pm in the afternoon at the Harrisburg Hilton. We will offer you the 10 top wines and also announce the winner of our coveted plaque which we will then award to the wine that received the highest score.

As yet another reason to attend, you will hear from the winemakers themselves when they talk about conditions in the vineyards and their efforts in the winery both led to excellent wines. And we will have the honorable mention wines there which you can also sample. You may think one of them should have been in the top ten. We use a 20 point system for scoring that was designed by the American Wine Society. Many times there are only a few decimal points between the scores of the entrants. Sign up for the tasting. You will not be disappointed!

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